Albums that I've led, produced, released and are available would be:

(1.) "Soliloquy-Volumes One and Two": This was released in 1995 on my own label, Kerralee Records, as a double CD. This music is a variety of studio and live performances recorded from 1979 to 1993. The personnel is diverse and features such great players as tenor saxophonists George Coleman and Clifford Jordan, alto saxophonists Frank Strozier and Bob Mover, pianists Tommy Flanagan and Charles Farrell, bassists Buster Williams, Steve Swallow, Cecil McBee, George Mraz and Reggie Workman, guitarists Michael Coppola and Louis Stewart, vibraphonist Warren Chiasson and others. This work is now available as MP3 and is also still available as a double CD.

"Soliloquy Volumes One and Two" available direct from the artist as a CD or MP3. Contact me personally at

This is also available on my Bandcamp site here:

(2.) "Uranian Rhythm" This was released in 1998 as a CD on my own label, Kerralee Records. This is all original music composed and arranged by myself. I play the drums on the 4 tracks where drums appear. These 6 recordings were recorded from 1979 to 1997. The 1st the piece "The Wanderer", features drums, piano (Charles Farrell), bass marimba (Nancy Zeltsman) and marimba (Ian Finkle). The 2nd piece "Dedicated To A Beloved Family", features female voices (Melinda Kessler), flutes (Rob Newbold) and drums. The 3rd piece, "Uranian Rhythm", features male and female voices (Mark Goodrich and Karen Burlingame) and marimba (Ian Finkle) only. The 4th piece, "Dedicated To Tony Williams", is a drum solo. The 5th piece, "Within", features cellos and violins (Steven and Artemis Thomas) only. The 6th piece, "Music Of The Duet", is a drum and piano (Charles Farrell) duet. All of these pieces can be purchased as MP3 files and is also available on CD.

"Uranian Rhythm" is available direct from the artist as CD or MP3. Contact me personally at

This is also available on my Bandcamp site here:

(3.) There are 5 pieces of music that are available as MP3 or flac files that feature the innovative guitarist, Michael Coppola. Four of these pieces are written by Mike. The 5th piece is entitled "Ballade" and is composed by Bob Hammer. The trio, on "Ballade", "Nightweb" and "Superfoot" features myself on drums, Mike Coppola (9 string guitar) and Jerry Tyler (electric bass).The other 2 pieces are "Claudia" and "New Impressions" which are written for quartet. The musicians included in this quartet are Jeff Fuller (acoustic upright bass), Barry Marshall (tenor saxophone), myself (drums) and Mike Coppola (guitar).

(4.) Also available on MP3 and flac files is a rare, live concert that was performed on April 8, 1984. This great quartet featured tenor saxophonist George Coleman, Tommy Flanagan on piano, George Mraz on acoustic upright bass and myself on drums. This one and a half hour performance was recorded live at The National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland. In addition, two pieces are also available that were recorded at the famed Bulls Head Cafe in London, England 3 days later (April 11, 1984), featuring the same personnel, except that Tommy Flanagan, who had to return to the USA, was replaced by the British pianist, Tony Lee. Available in MP3 format.

(5.) Music from a live radio show on WKCR Radio, hosted by Andy Kaplow, at The West End Cafe in New York City, is available in MP3 format directly from me.. This music was recorded on 2/8/82 and featured Harvey Swartz on bass, Roland Hanna on piano, Warren Chiasson on vibraphone, Frank Strozier on alto saxophone and myself on drums.

(6.) Other live performances, available on MP3 and flac files, are available to be sampled, as well. These feature very strong performances by a variety of groups that I've played with in Boston, NYC and in the New Haven, CT area.

(7.) Anther recently re-discovered performance at 55 Grand St. Café, New York City by Jim Schapperoew Septet live is available direct from me in MP3 and flac files, and also on Bandcamp.